A winning team


Drag Racing is a team sport and no race can be won just because of driver skills.  In a Pro Modified car the team is   doing maintenance to the car between each run.  The valve mechanism (valve train) is checked after each run, valve springs and valve lash is checked. There is a lot of load on these 3000 HP engines at over 10.000 RPM.  Engine bearings are typically checked between every 2-4 runs and the clutch is serviced at a 2-4 run intervall.  Data from the onboard computer is analyzed between runs and changes are made to the engine power management, transmission and chassis settings.     



2017 winning team

From left: Peter Kunc, Kenny Steibert, Acke Kunc, Micke Gullqvist, Simon Kunc, Fredrik Westerlind (only at Tierp)

...and ├ůsa Johansson